Hello there! This site is powered by Lastuser, HasGeek’s experimental, open source user management app. This site is a work-in-progress. The most useful thing you can do with it at the moment is to login with Twitter or Google. Or, if you prefer to have a separate password for this site, you can register an account.

Lastuser is a backend service that enables federated user management and services, allowing us to build websites for specific goals using whatever technology is most appropriate. When Lastuser becomes production-ready, integration will be seamless. You will not be shown this page as an excuse for poor usability.

At its core, Lastuser is an OAuth 2.0 (draft 22) authorization server with custom extensions to fill gaps in the spec. OAuth 2.0 distinguishes between the roles of authorization and resource servers but does not define communication between the two. Lastuser is an authorization-only server and defines a protocol for passing authorization tokens to resource servers. The accompanying flask-lastuser library implements the client side for the Flask microframework. Lastuser is itself implemented in Flask.